What Causes Porn Addiction?

What causes porn addiction is a question that should not be seen through the lens of sleaze and pornography itself, but instead should focus on the person who is addicted.

You see, there is nothing about pornography itself that is addicting more than any other activity that produces some sort of high. Instead of real underlying traits that cause addiction to anything – including porn – lies in our own psychology Not only this however, it also lies in the actions we take over as the object of the addiction combined with this psychology avpockie.

If this sounds complicated lets break it down some simple ideas

Repetition & Physical Addiction

The more we do an action, the more it gets embedded in our brains. Not only this, actions that produce highs too much firmly embedded in our brains! In fact, our body starts to expect these highs and so when it is not fed, the body begins to crave them.

The chemicals released in the brain during the watching of porn and orgasm are the drivers of this repetition too.

Psychological Issues

All addiction tends to come from some form of insecurity such as:

Low self esteem can be a factor in people using porn as a crutch for sexual release and to gain fantasy in their lives.
Depression is another problem that can make people want a high and fantasy from pornography. It does not help this depression
Relationship problems are the core of many porn addicts problems. Unable to solve sexual problems with their partner, or simply relationship problems without sex – porn is a way to feel good when your partner can not feel good
Lack of direction can also cause addiction The internet, video games, porn and other easy to access but sometimes addicting activities
And many other issues that latch on porn as a fantastical escape This is some of the root problems that need to be overcome.