What’s In Your Marketing Funnel?

A past client of mine, whom I call “Mary,” was a financial planner. She had had a web site for some years that too much served as an online brochure for her. When Mary came to me, she was looking for other ways to generate income.

During our first conversation, I started her MARKETING FUNNEL. If you are a funnel, you know it’s wide and open at the top, and tiny and narrow at the bottom. At the top of the funnel is where you want to get At the bottom of the funnel is your HIGHEST PRICED service or product And in the middle are in-between levels of services / products and prices clickfunnels pricing chart

So as you go down the funnel, the products are priced higher and higher, and the idea is to keep people from the bottom.

First, Get Them IN the Funnel
Offering some of the ideal ways to get tons of people in your funnel Most people collect prospects by giving away something free, such as a report, an e-zine, or a teleclass. When people sign up for these goodies, you can get their names and e-mail addresses.

At the top of Mary’s funnel was her e-zine. And at the bottom But there was nothing in the middle of his funnel

I see this often with many solo professionals, such as coaches and consultants. There is either free or high-fee. This is the reason why many people have so much trouble converting prospects — people are usually not willing to make that big jump from $ 0 to several thousand dollars!

So I helped Mary brainstorm many information products (“info-products”) and other programs she could quickly create and begin to sell.

Info-Products Are a Great Solution
By packaging your knowledge in information-products, you can give your prospects the chance to “sample” you at a lower price, filling the middle of your funnel. Here are some ideas to get started:

* Books
* E-Books
* Special Reports
* Manuals
* Workbooks
* Journals
* Audio (downloads, CDs, or cassettes)
* Video (downloads, DVDs, or VHS tapes)
* Home Study Courses or Tutorials (usually a mix of media)

Even better, selling these products on your web site gives you passive income That is It did not need your work X hours for Y dollars. Sales can come in 24/7

And do not forget about teleclasses or teleseminars, delivered over the phone, or even webinars, taught over the internet This requires your direct involvement; These formats allow you to make more money per hour, and they give your prospects access to a lower fee than hiring you one-on-one

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